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Ukrainian holidays

Public Holidays

January 1     New Year

January 7     Christmas

March 8        International Women's Day

1 and 2 May Labour Day

May 5           Easter

May 9           Victory Day

June 23        Trinity

June 28        Constitution Day of Ukraine

August 24     Independence Day of Ukraine

The Annunciation to the Holy Virgin Mary - 7 April
According to church tradition, the day the archangel Gabriel appeared to the Virgin Mary in the city of Nazareth, to tell her the good news - the birth of his son Jesus, the Messiah. It is believed that on this day Spring finally overcame winter. According to folk beliefs, just after the Annunciation could begin field work.

Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem. Palm Sunday - April 28

The grand entry of Jesus into Jerusalem was joining him on the path of the cross of suffering. This event in their Gospels tell the four evangelists. Title Palm Sunday comes from the fact that this feast believers come to church with branches, usually willow plants or other trees that first bloom in spring, to commemorate those branches that cut Jews that welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem. 

Easter - May 5

Is the most important Christian holiday, which expresses joy at the victory of the Son of God over death and eternal oblivion. In Resurrection Christians see proof of life after death, which is the main content of celebration. According to Christian tradition, the day of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, celebrated on the first Sunday after the spring full moon.

Easter has absorbed many pagan customs in honor of the return of spring. Traditional two dishes that are sure to bring holiness in the church - Easter bread (Easter) and eggs. Easter commemoration of the dead. At Easter in Lviv has traditionally held festival "Big Hayivka" in Shevchenko's Hay


Ascension Day - June 13

Pentecost. Trinity Day - June 23

Holy apostles Peter and Paul - July 12

Transfiguration of Our Lord or Apple Spas - August 19

On this day, Christ appeared to his disciples three in light of divine glory, showing the unity of the Holy Trinity. On this day, there is a tradition to bear fruit for the consecration of the church - Holy pears, apples, honey and reaping wreaths or tuft ears of rye and wheat. In the instant case the glorification of the diversity and richness of nature.

Assumption of Our Lady - August 28

Christian holiday events dedicated to ending the earthly life of the Blessed Virgin.

Beheading of St. John the Baptist - September 11

You can not cut anything that resembles a head. Generally it is believed that this day should not be taken into the hands of the sharp things: knife.
That is, anything that resembles martyred saint.

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary - September 21

Holy Cross Day - September 27

Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary - October 14

Celebration of St. Mary's has a very deep history in Ukraine. Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary has been one of the most important holidays of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks.

The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary - December 4

St. Nicholas Day - December 19

Traditionally, on this day obedient children receive gifts from St. Nicholas, and naughty - cutting. Lviv is Dec. 19 opening Christmas tree.

Christmas - January 7

In Ukraine, we celebrate Christmas which begins in Holy Night - January 6. Evening meal on Christmas Eve accompanied by many traditions and rituals. On Christmas Eve church ordered strict fast - a pre- Christmas day believers are not allowed to eat and drink. Dinner on Christmas Eve was the first meal of the day - and it ended with a 40-day pre-Christmas fast. For Dinner we will sit down with the appearance of the first star in the sky, in memory of the Star of Bethlehem that heralded the shepherds of the birth of Christ.

The main dish for Ukrainian Christmas Eve is kutya - wheat or rice porridge with honey, poppy seeds and raisins and stewed fruit - dried fruit compote. Dinner at Christmas Eve must be consist of 12 meatless dishes, among which in from ancient times preparing meatless soup with mushrooms, peas, fish, dumplings with cabbage, buckwheat porridge, stuffed with rice, pancakes, mushrooms, pies.

After dinner kutyu and some other dishes on the table is not removed and left for the spirits of dead ancestors, who, according to Ukrainian beliefs also come "for Christmas kutyu."

At the Christmas (January 7) prepare a large family dinner with a variety of meat dishes: homemade sausage, roasted pig, pig, stuffed with buckwheat porridge, goose or duck with apples Antonovsky, duck with cabbage and jelly.

Since January 6 kolyadnyki walking around with "Bethlehem star". Most of kolyadnyki children and young boys and girls. Kolyadnyki stop at houses, and for singing, the house owners give gifts.

Epiphany holiday - January 19
At Water christening consecrated water in rivers, ponds and wells. It is called hreschenskoyu. People believe that it is a kind of panacea for many ailments and for the hope that your health never deteriorate.

On the eve of Water christening celebrated "Hungry Kuttia" or the second Christmas Eve. All that day the believers have nothing to eat - fast. Sit down to supper when it shines the evening star. For dinner served Lenten dishes - grilled fish, dumplings with cabbage, buckwheat pancakes in butter, Doughnut, kutyu and stewed fruit.

Candlemas - February 15
Candlemas celebrated on the 40th day after the birth of Jesus Christ. On the Feast of Candlemas, according to tradition, the faithful consecrate the church candles that are to their homes as a symbol of light and clean. These candles are called "hromychnymy" because they put in front of images during a storm to protect people and livestock from lightning.


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