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Climbing and hiking on Goverla Mountain
Goverla Mountain is over 2,631 meters high. The name of the highest point of Ukraine comes from Hungarian language and translated means "Snowy Mountain". Therefore, do not be surprised if in the summer you'll see snow on top.
On the slopes of the mountain - mostly grass and shrub vegetation. There is little rock talus. The upper limit of the forest is situated at an altitude of about 1400meters. A waterfall is located at the base of the mountain. Goverla is located within the protection zone of the Carpathian Reserve.
There are special rules for all visitors. You can not litter, harm nature, kindle fire. It is prohibited to put up tents, fish, pick flowers, berries, mushrooms and more.
Therefore, you must obtain the relevant permit from the administration of the reserve or the checkpoint. You must specify the route you intend to travel up the mountain on the document.
Top of Goverla - a small flat area. It has a perfect view of 360 degrees, you can see the entire Montenegrin Mountains.
The first tourist route climbing Goverlu opened in 1880.

Tourist season on Goverla usually lasts from mid-May to mid-October.The snow may not disappear even in the summer all through the Montenegrin mountains. There is no permafrost.
Better not to go on a camping trip to conquer the highest point of Ukraine due to bad weather, when snow, rain, fog, as there is no refuge from the storm on route.

Remember that from October 1 to May 1 ascent Goverla is prohibited.
Climbing Goverla, even in good weather, requires good physical fitness. You should have the appropriate equipment and tents necessary for staying overnight.


Yaremche (old name - Yaremcha: up to 2006.) - Mountain climatic resort, tourist center of Ivano-Frankivskkoyi area, which is located at an altitude of 550-585 meters above sea level. Yaremche Resort is located in the Carpathian National Nature Park. Yaremche Day (the last Sunday of July).
Nearby mountains around Yaremche -  Mt..Yavirnyk-Gorgan (1432 m), Mt..Makovytsya (985 m), Mt. Velyka Rokita (1100 m), Mt.Dovbushanka (1755 m), Mt..Synyachka (1401
River - Prut one of the largest river in the Hutsul region, length - 910 km.). Prut River Tributaries - Zhonka, Bahrivets, Chornohirchyk, Yavirnyk, Boyarskyy. Waterfalls "Probiy", "Zhonka", "Maiden's Tears".
Carpathian National Park - was created in 1980 on the area of 50,495 hectares. It covers an area of within the altitudes of 500-2061 m north of the Montenegrin backbone to g.Yaremche along the Prut River and western tributaries r.Chornyy Cheremos (the length from north to south - 55 km., From west to east - 20 km.) .
Karpatskyy NPP - a kind of natural and recreational complex.
Yaremche area is 11,470 hectares. and extends for 12 km.
along the highway "Ivano-Frankivsk - Rachiv."
Population- town Yaremche (8 thousand people.)

Distance from Yaremche to Lviv - 210 km.


Slavske located in a sunny valley, like in an amphitheater at the confluence of two rivers at an altitude of 590-600 m above sea level. From all sides of the village surrounded by mountains. The highest peaks - Kycherka (845 m), Play (876 m), Pryslip (990 m), Plischke (1038 m) and Ilza (1066 m), Klyva (1069 m), Painted or Dovbushanka Well (1236 m), High Top (1245 m), Trostyan (1235 m).
Slavskoe has a well-developed infrastructure of summer and winter recreation. We offer numerous hotels, boarding houses, private sector, hiking guides, ski rental agencies, a variety of dining options.
What need to see:
Cave "Pysana well" - geological monument of nature that folk legends associated with the outlaw leader Dovbush St..
Church of the Assumption (1901)

Distance from Slavske to Lviv is 140 km.


Grebeniv is a climatic resort, situated at an altitude of 500m above sea level, in 6 km from the district center of Skole. The name comes from the "ridges" of sand and stones that are made by the Opir river. The tomb of Prince Svyatoslav Volodymyrovych is located near Grebeniv village on the right bank of Opir river, behind the railway bridge . During the archaeological excavations many things and tools, remnants of weapons of XI-XII centuries were found. Architectural value has a villa 1929. The village begins to grow into a resort. There are new hotels, the old ones are being rebuilt and green tourism announces to his estates. The nearest hiking areas and ski lifts are located in Slavsko village, that is the next village to Grebeniv.
Distance from Hrebeniv to Lviv - 112 km.



The regional center of Skole district.
It lies in a quiet and calm basin, surrounded on all sides by mountains: in the west -  Mt..Korchanka (1180m) in the east -  Mt. Chudylova (670m), followed by -  Mt. Zelemin (1177m) in the south are seen  Mt. Kyyivtsya ridge (1064m) and Mount Cream'yana (1137m). Some of these mountains belong to the National Park "Skole Beskids." The absolute height Skole Valley - 440-446 m above sea level. Dense river network, formed by tributary rivers Stry and smaller streams, makes this area particularly attractive for summer tourism. Skole - the starting point of many hiking trails. Specifically here laid marked hiking routes Mount Cream'yana (1137m), Parashka, waterfalls on the river Kamenka in the tract Sviatoslav.
First mentioned in historical documents in 1397 but people living here much earlier, as evidenced by archaeological finds.
Skole long held an important trade routes in Transcarpathia.
Every year on the third Sunday of September everyone in Skole celebrates City Day.

Distance from Skole to Lviv - 106 km.


Accommodation in tent camp
The camp is located near the village mend V35 km from Lviv (Peremyshlyany district).

The history begins with the village in 1260. Village is famous for its folk craftsmen, artists, artisans and has a long tradition of various crafts and rich folklore heritage. Its history dates back to ancient times. History of the village begins the legend of the1260 adjusts the village and surrounding lands is closely associated with a prominent historical figure of Mr. Lahodovskoho (titled nobleman of the famous knight kind Lahodovskyh), a descendant of which opened miraculous source current Univ Holy Dormition Monastery. "

Walking tour to the village Univ of its famous monastery.

Rafting on the Carpathians rivers


You can visit Souvenir market
of the Hutsul folk skilful craftsmen. The souvenirs markets where you can find the most interesting stuff on a long and good memories of your great trip. This is the mecca of folk art.

Souvenirs bought by visitors are usually the objects of folk art.  Traditional folk art and trade products are on sale in all tourist centres, small towns, even villages. The shops are normally open every day and during season until late night hours.

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