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Romantic Lviv

Lviv is the city to visit with the one you love. Narrow streets of the old town, cobbled streets, climbing the steps of Bell Hall to see the panoramic view of Lviv. All this gives the city a unique and exciting atmosphere. Lviv has a history of romantic story, architecture and fragrant Lviv coffee. Yesterday, today, tomorrow ... What could be better than walk together in Lviv with the love of your life?

You are in love and agreed to the proposal?  Allow Blue Gold Tours to help you celebrate in Lviv!

You just got married? Immerse yourselves in the luxury of the royal city!

You have a wedding anniversary?
Come to the city and celebrate your years of happiness and memories! Seeing the beautiful statues, architecture, smelling the fragrant coffe and chocolate. Walking during the day and at night. Seeing the sunset over Castle Hill. What could be better than making new memories with the one you love?

Wedding proposal in Rynok Square in front of the fountains and Opera House? Horse drawn carriage ride after the wedding?

Royal Suite in the best Lviv Hotel for the honeymoon?

Wedding anniversary and celebration. Days or weeks of sightseeing, remembering your shared years over lunch at a cafe, dancing to music in the street, and seeing the Ballet or play in the theatre?
Lviv brings happiness and wonderful emotions to all who live here and everyone who visits this magnificient City!
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