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Lviv Religious Tours

The first church in Lviv was built over 700 years ago. Now in Lviv there are about 100 churches, many monasteries and chapels. It is the only city in Ukraine with such big number of sacred objects. Also in Lviv you can see about 15 icons and relics of saints.

Today in Lviv there are represented communities of all denominations of Christianity, which through centuries have built churches that now are among the historical monuments of Western Ukraine. Among the most interesting churches are Greek-Catholic Cathedral, Roman Catholic Сhurch, and Armenian church.

                                                               Sacred places of Western Ukraine


Lviv city tour. Explore historical and legendary Lviv dressed for Easter festivities. Start walking from Rynok Square established in the 14th century and registered at UNESCO list, and visit The City Hall. View the magnificent Armenian Cathedral, The Dormition Church, The Greek-Catholic St. Andrew Church and posh Church of Transfiguration. Visit the Organ Hall or the Opera House, the majestic Dominican Cathedral, The Boim Chapel, and buy ethnic hand-made souvenir at The Vernisazh trade fare.

Holy Dormition Lavra (one of the oldest monasteries in Ukraine)
Berezhany village
Berezhansky castle complex
Svyatotroyitskiy monastery in the village Zarvanytsya

waterfall and Hutsul folk market
Monastery of St. Elijah in the village Dora
Manyavsk Orthodox monastery
museum Boykovschina in the village Valley
Hoshiv Greek Catholic monastery of the Order of St.Basil the Great

Museum of St. George and monastery of St. Peter and Paul
Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the village Hrushiv
village Rakovets

Churches in Lviv

Senior Ukrainian Catholic church ( St. Mary Latin Cathedral, which is the only Gothic church in Ukraine that has been preserved from the 14th century till now); main Armenian church in Ukraine (built in 1363); main temple of the Greek Catholics in Ukraine – the Church of St. George, dated 18th century ; Dominican monastery with the church of God Body; Bernardine Monastery-Fortress (1630); Benedictine nunnery; Male Vasiliyansky Monastery of St. Onuphrius; Carmelite Monastery; Jesuit church - the first church in Lviv built in Baroque style (1630 ); Mortuary chapel of patricians (17th century).

Sightseeing tour in Lviv

Lviv - is the heart of the Western Ukraine. The city was under the rule of many empires and nations that left a considerable mark in its culture, architecture and language. You will pass through places where went almost all Polish kings and Austria emperors. In Lviv played maestro Paganini. Here was Count Cagliostro and Giacomo Casanova.

The Route "tour around Lviv“ passes through the small streets of the medieval city,such as the famous Market Square, Central Avenue of the city,and the most famous and beautiful architectural monuments, which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. During this tour you will see the magnificent Opere House, which is considered to be one of three best Operas in Europe, Lviv Statue of Liberty, and many interesting churches and cathedrals.

We will visit the Market Place - the central square of Lviv, where you will hear many interesting legends connected with it’s history. You will hear the story of the first post office in the city, the falling of the City Hall and the awful square, the triangle of love, and the most luxurious wedding party in the city of all times.

You will definitely be amazed by the beauty of the city, and have a lot of inspiring impressions that will stay within your heart for a long time.

BUS TOURS: “Golden Horseshoe” of Lviv region

The combination of the bus and walking tour will allow you to see the fortifications of the Lviv region (castles and monasteries).
The Olesko Castle is a unique monument of medieval architecture, and the first castle-museum in Ukraine.Here was spent the childhood of Ukrainian Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky.

The tour continues with the trip to Pidgoretskiy castle, which is deservedly recognized as one of the most beautiful in Europe. This castle was served as Versailles in Soviet film "D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers." Also, it is famous for its castle ghosts. If you are lucky, you will see one them during our tour in the castle cellars.

Moreover, you'll see the medieval alchemists lab, which belonged to Severin Zhevusky, who was one of the owners of the castle. We will also visit the ancient Monastery of the Annunciation, which according to one of the numerous historical versions was established by Princess Elena in the 12th century. Along beats fontanelle with miraculous water, which is thought cures many diseases. In the monastery still remains miraculous icon of the Mother of God Podgoretsky.

Next one is Zolochiv castle and “Chinese” Palace. Next to the castle is a strange stone with Gothic letters. There are many theories of their origin. One of them says that they were made by Knights of Templar, and nearby was situated their castle. Near the castle is located a wonderful medieval style restaurant where one can taste some wonderful dishes.

BUS EXCURSION from Lviv to Zhovkva and Krehiv monastery

Zhovkva was a favorite private town and residence of famous polish king Jan III Sobesky – winner of Turkish troops under Wiena in 1683. Some historians reckon Zhovkva was a birthplace of the most famous Ukrainian cossack hetman Bogdan Khmel’nyts’kyj.

Zhovkva was built according to a principle of «ideal» town of Renaissance period, where perfect architecture, organization of social life and reliable defensive fortifications were harmonically combined. When you come to the central town square, you’ll have a feeling that time stopped here in the end of 16th century because of the absence of considerable architectural changes of medieval houses that survived till today. Moreover, the grandeur of this architecture is naturally inserted in surrounding beautiful landscape due to Zhovkva’s location near foothills of the hills that are covered by forests.

Not only medieval quarters and houses has been saved in the town but also Zhovkva castle (1594-1606), medieval casemates, “falling” city bell tower, church of St. Laurence (called “Little Vavel’”), Dominican church and the monastery behind fortified walls, Renaissance style synagogue, wooden church of The Christmas, the church and convent of Christmas of the Basilians have survived through ages. Next place of visit is medieval Krehiv monastery. It is a great fortified complex with high walls, towers and deep ditch for defense.

The natural surroundings are so beautiful and the air so clean, you feel renewed and refreshed!.

* * *

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