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Easter in Lviv

Time: April 6 - May 7, 2013 
Duration: 7 Days/6 Nights 
Meeting point: Lviv

The best time to visit Lviv in spring is Easter! During Easter holidays and three weeks before, you plunge into impetuous whirl of exciting festivals, learn old Ukrainian traditions, meet new friends and view a great open-air exhibition of Pysanka (Painted Eggs) that is a symbol of Easter! During this period in Lviv is a series of concerts, exhibitions and folklore of various theatrical performances. World renown Ukrainian Easter eggs, embroidery, ceramics, decorations, woodcarvings attract the guests of the Easter Markets. During the Easter celebrations, the annual ethnographic festival “A Great Gayivka (ritual round dances and games)” is held. A few weeks before its start there are master-classes in the painting of Ester eggs – the main symbol of the holiday.

View spectacular Renessaince architecture of lviv, Baroque churches and experience the culture of Ukrainian and Polish aristocrats. Taste Lviv in the best thematic restaurants and cafes and smell the amazing Lviv coffee aroma.

Day 1
Arrival in Lviv.
Transfer to the hotel and check-in.
Lunch in a lovely Lviv café.
Lviv city tour. Explore historical and legendary Lviv dressed for Easter festivities. Start walking from Rynok Square established in the 14th century and registered at UNESCO list, and visit The City Hall. View the magnificent Armenian Cathedral, The Dormition Church, The Greek-Catholic St. Andrew Church and posh Church of Transfiguration. Visit the Organ Hall or the Opera House, the majestic Dominican Cathedral, The Boim Chapel, and buy ethnic hand-made souvenir at The Vernisazh trade fare.

Day 2
Breakfast at the hotel.  
A few weeks before his early start workshops on writing Easter eggs – the Easter holidays. During the festival held in Hay Contest “Easter egg for the beloved.” We offer to participants in a celebratory mass at one of the temples of the city. Walk the city, attending festive fair. Easter is a family holiday in Ukraine and Lviv is the best place to feel this atmosphere. It is only here that the family spirit is present in each temple, on every square and in each street where traditional Easter folklore celebrations, fairs, concerts and theater performances take place. World renown Ukrainian Easter eggs, embroidery, ceramics, decorations, woodcarvings attract the guests of the Easter Markets. During the Easter celebrations, the annual ethnographic festival “A Great Gayivka (ritual round dances and games)” is held.

Day 3
Breakfast at the hotel.  
Reach the peak of The High Castle Mountain to discover Lviv from the height of bird's flight. Visit ancient Galician churches, located at Pidzamche during the walk to the High Castle. There are Churches of St. Paraskeva, St. Onuphreus and St. Nicolas, Roman-Catholic churches of Mary Snizhna and John the Baptist. Also, explore the complex of Lviv universities, The Palace of Pototsky Family and The Freedom Avenue.  

Day 4
Breakfast at the hotel.
GOURMET TOUR As Lviv is the restaurant capital of Ukraine, you will have a chance to visit the most popular Ukrainian restaurants ( "Kryjivka”, "Gas lamp”, "Masoch-Cafe”, Galician Jewish restaurant "At the Golden Rose” etc.) and taste specialty dishes. "Gas Lamp" is the highest (4-floor) Lviv pub, where you will get to know everything about inventors of the first kerosene lamp in the world. "Masoch-cafe" is a window into the world, created on the works of "father of masochism", Leopold von Sacher-Masoch who was born in Lviv. "Kryjivka" is the most popular restaurant in Ukraine (Ukrainian Insurgent Army and Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists style). The history of anticommunist resistance, training in a rebel shooting range is shown in the style of the restaurant. Medovukha (honey infused liquor) tastings here. Besides, you will have an opportunity to visit two more restaurants:"The Most Expensive Galician Restaurant" where you’ll hear the story about the world of "free masons", its secret symbols and sings."House of Legends" is a restaurant, where every room is dedicated to a separate legend about Lviv.

Day 5
Breakfast at the hotel.
Visit the biggest shopping center King Cross Leopolis and water park "PLIAZH". King Cross Leopolis Mall is designed in a very modern, elegant and comfortable style, made bright by daylight. The mall has two floors, served both with open air and underground parking. The entertainment area consists of a 7-hall multiplex & Imax (3D) cinema, skating-rink, bowling, kids’ entertainment center and a large food court.
“PLIAZH” water park is the first complex in Lviv which combines entertainment, sports and recreation. Overall area of the complex makes up 13.5 thousand mІ, out of which 8.5 thousand mІ is area used by the water park. Lunch After lunch, choose one of catching Lviv tours.

Day 6
Breakfast at the hotel.
Lviv has many beautiful parks and gardens ... About 60 museums. Now in Lviv there are about 100 churches, many monasteries and chapels. It is the only city in Ukraine with such big number of sacred objects. Also in Lviv you can see about 15 icons and relics of saints. It's time to plunge into the magical beauty of the city to then take their experiences home with them.

Day 7
Breakfast at the hotel.
Transfer to the airport.

The price includes:
Accommodation in the hotel
Transfer services
6 breakfasts
7 lunches
Entrance fees to sites listed

The price not includes:
Transfer to Lviv
Additional meals
Personal expences

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Holy Days

Forty day period preceding Easter Sunday, initiated on Ash Wednesday. Fasting and abstinence were and to a great degree continue to be part of the traditional observation of Lent. It a time for soul cleansing and penitence.

PALM (WILLOW) SUNDAY (Shutkova Nedilia)
Commemorates Christ’s entry into Jerusalem. The willows (used in place of palms) represent the scourging of Christ.

The week preceding Easter when preparations for the holy day are done: housecleaning, cooking, baking, making Easter eggs (pysanky), etc.

Also known as "Passion Thursday" (Velykyi Chetver, Strasty Khrysta) when the Passion of Chirst is commemorated.

The Crucifixion of Christ. Churches provide a "plashchenytsia" representing the tomb of Christ for worshippers to pray. Meat (and formerly dairy products as well) is not eaten on this day.

The Holy Saturday, or Black Saturday, commemorates that Jesus Christ remained dead in the grave before his eventual resurrection in Easter Sunday. The Holy Saturday is part of the Holy Week, the last week of Lent, and the day after Jesus was crucified on the cross.
A visit to the "plashchenytsia". At the Saturday evening Easter basket blessed in a special ceremony.

The church ceremonies include a ritual procession with the "plashchenytsia" followed by a joyful Mass celebrating the Resurrection of Christ. After Easter Mass, or the next morning if you attended Midnight Mass, families share the foods that were blessed the day before. On this day, "hahilky-vesnianky" dances and special Easter games are enjoyed by all.

Religious observances continue for two more days after Easter Sunday.
Usually youth have Wet Monday. On Wet Monday boys and men armed with bottles and buckets of water, chase after girls and splash them from head to toe.

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