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Christmas in Lviv

Cristmas in Lviv 2014

Do you want to experience an unforgettable Christmas atmosphere and spend an amazing winter holidays? Ever dream that Christmas could happen twice a year?

Welcome to Lviv!  Lviv always kept traditional Ukrainian culture. That's why Christmas celebrations are always wrapped with a special charm.

Traditionally on Saint Nicholas day kicks off a cycle of New Year and Christmas celebrations in Lviv, because on this day at 6 pm the main Christmas tree is being lightened. Christmas holidays are begining with the Christmas fair, which traditionally is the epicenter of the celebrations with lots of fun activities and events: singing, games, sweet and hot wine, honey, varenyky, souvenirs and gifts, carols and fun all filled with warm festive atmosphere.

Christmas in Lviv
is incredible experiences, warm and festive atmosphere, great food and lots of plays, songs and attractions.
Book a tour now before it’s too late – everyone wants to spend this time in Lviv.

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